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Mod update :)

Did everyone die? Nobody's been posting :( C'mon, we've got 85 members...BE ACTIVE! Anyway, I made a new layout for the community - kattanfans. Tell me whatcha think of it. I also have two icons sitting around that I thought you guys might want...



If you use either of them, comment & credit me :)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
For all those Mexicans out there, happy Cinco De Mayo. Here's a treat for everybody.

Also, according to the Chris Kattan Mailing Group, Chris Kattan is filming "Enough About Me," an ABC sitcom so, look out for it this fall!

New Layout
I made a newer, more simple layout guys. Hope ya like it. :P

Friends only banner!

Under Construction
zonacaliente and I are going to be working on this community to make it seem better for a few days, so don't mind any changes you might see until we're done. Just a heads up! :)

new mods!
hiiii. i'm one of the new mods of this community :) i've changed some stuff around. i think we should have some sort of chris theme where you can make something for the community something. or whatever. give us ideas.

Maintainer Change?
Hey, All -- I know that there is a lot that could be done with this community, but I don't have the time to do it. Would anyone be interested in taking control of the community? I will relinquish my powers.

lol i write in here a lot. well three times anyway. heh. so i was searching around and found pictures. and i'm bored.

chris in snl book...
i got a copy of "live from new york" (!!!) from the library, and immediately flipped to the index to find chris-related stuff. and found a pic of him in the book which i scanned. since i'm bored, i'll type you up something in it.

chris on snl characters & picCollapse )

whew, that took a long time to type. anyway i just thought you'd be interested in it :)


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